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Welcome to quality wholesale products for your retail business

Make your retail business stand out from the crowd.

Offer products your customers aren't likely to encounter everywhere they turn!

We make it easy for your retail business to offer high quality products that will delight your customers. Unique, often one-of-a-kind or limited edition products of bespoke quality at wholesale prices attractive to your business!

Point, Click, Receive

Our wholesale program is just so easy!

  • Browse our online wholesale catalog
  • Select products and place them in your wholesale store cart
  • Checkout your cart
  • Voila!, you've got interesting product to offer your customers. They won't find these items just anywhere!

    Select wholesalers may get Net30 Days payment terms.

    We guarantee outstanding quality, highly competitive prices, gorgeous designs and certified Fair Trade and ethical manufacturing in all our products. 

    Go ahead and browse to your heart's content!

    Leather BagElephant Ceramic TeapotTuareg Bangels


    And now for a little comfort!

    Find a product isn’t selling in your retail environment? You can swap it for product of equal value at any time within 6 months of order date. Hassle-free help to find the right products for your retail environment.

    That's how we make our wholesale business stand out from the crowd!