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We have a Passion for Africa

That’s the simplest way to explain Zawadee

We search the world for beautiful fashion, jewelry, home decor and beverages of African origin to delight our customers!

Wishing our patrons a Happy Holiday Season

Christmas is all about family & friends and a cozy home to enjoy them all. Merry Christmas from all of us at Zawadee.

Would you consider starting the day without your daily jolt of coffee?

Take a look at this terrifically informative coffee facts infographic - Brewing Success: Coffee Makes the Workplace Go Round - from our friends at CafeQuill.com.
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Silver Jewelry with Meaning - The Tuaregs of Agadez

Among the nomadic Tuareg people of northern Africa, jewelry has meaning. After all, a nomadic people have little incentive to cart loads of trendy, meaningless paraphernalia. Livestock and vehicles traversing untamed, inhospitable terrain of the Sahara desert require thoughtful consideration before adding to the loads they bear. Therefore, the items the Tuareg often serve multiple purposes--and that includes jewelry.
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Choosing The Best Natural Fiber That Suits You..

Zawadee features a colorful array of fashion scarves, wraps, blankets, and throws all fabricated from merino wool, mohair, or bamboo. How do you choose which fiber best suits you? We break it down the fiber characteristics for you so you can make a choice you’ll love.
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