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So Many Choices, Which Is Best?

Scarves come in myriad materials, lengths, shapes, patterns, and colors. They add glamour without flashy glitter or sparkle. Colorful scarves, perhaps with bold prints or stripes, add interest and a pop of brilliance to a neutral wardrobe. Neutrally colored scarves impart classic elegance and sophistication. Dress Like a Parisian recommends choosing natural fabrics, not cheap synthetics: “The scarf is right near your face and is one of the first things to be noticed.”
The brilliance of a scarf lies in its relatively inexpensive properties. Scarves refresh timeless classics, like the traditional black or camel colored wool coat. An array of scarves can make you feel like your wardrobe has expanded exponentially when all you’ve done is add a few small pieces. Essentially practical in nature, they also add warmth, protect modesty, direct attention, and conceal physical flaws. The variety of ways in which to tie and wear a scarf lend that simple article of clothing to many styles, from simple to intricate. Subscribe to Zawadee Newsletter Subscribe to Zawadee Newsletter The dizzying array of options makes picking out one scarf that will coordinate with multiple outfits tricky.

Colors & Patterns

Scarves come in more than just basic black, white, or gray. With the myriad colors and patterns available, consider purchasing multiple scarves that both coordinate with selected outfits and work well with your skin tone, hair, and eyes. Begin by identifying your personal color profile. Many fashion-oriented websites explain how to do that, with the first step focusing on figuring out whether your color profile is warm or cool. According to VisiHow, determining one’s color profile takes only a quick glance at the underside of your wrist. If the veins running beneath the thin skin appear blue, then you’ve got a warm profile; greenish veins signify a cool profile. People with warm color profiles look good in watermelon, coral, yellow, dark green, and peacock blue. Royal or navy blue, gray, black, fuschia, pink, mint, powder blue, and cherry flatter people with cool color profiles. Discard items in colors that make you look sallow or tired or “washed-out.” Pink Lily describes how colors work together. In short, complementary colors help to mix warm and cool colors so they flatter rather than clash. Analogous colors harmonize with each other, cool with cool, warm with warm. Grouping your wardrobe by color helps to determine scarf colors that will look good with the clothing as well as against your skin.

color scheme

Old rules governing style have relaxed. These days fashion permits mixing patterns with other patterns. When taking this bold step, carefully consider size and scale as well as color. According to Pink Lily, “You can pair a houndstooth coat with a houndstooth scarf in black and white, as long as you make sure the two prints are different sizes or feature inverted colors.” The site also reminds readers that pattern goes beyond color: textures in fabric also create patterns. Zawadee’s Fashion Accessories Fashion Accessories offers scarves in merino wool, mohair, and bamboo, which have different thermal properties, textures, patterns, weights,and colors. You’re sure to find scarves that not only accessorize your wardrobe, but look good on you, too.